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Professional & Executive Liability Insurance

The insurance industry in order to reduce costs and increase sales has been moving to standardized insurance policies.  Even though that is the case for most insurable products, it is not the case for Professional & Executive Liability policies.  Non-standardized policies mean attention to detail and attention to policy inclusions and exclusions.  Our ability to work through each policy form and bring forward small details is why our clients enjoy working with our team.  

As a professional, you have a responsibility to adhere to high standards and best practices for your industry/profession.  When clients feel that you did not put their interests above your own, or you made a mistake that put them in a financial bind, they could make claims against your company and this is where Professional & Executive Liability insurance would step in.

Professional & Executive Liability Insurance Texas

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Private Company Management Liability Coverages:

Venture Capital & Private Equity funded companies
Development stage companies
Private placements & Regulation A offerings
Pre-IPO companies
Traditional companies
Development companies

Not For Profit Organization Management Liability:

Trade Associations
Public Officials
Hospitals & Healthcare Entities

Fiduciary Liability:

Public companies with employer securities in their plans

Financial Institutions Management Liability:

Venture Capital/Private Equity
Independent Directors Liability Policies
Investment Advisors
Hedge Funds

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It is our job to shop multiple insurers on your behalf. We will invest the time to get to know you and your family’s background so that we can offer a full insurance plan.  This includes health, life insurance, long term care, disability, business, and surety policies.